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To follow the Quickstart Tutorial you need to set up the extension first.

To get an impression of how it works, you can watch the presentation from TYPO3 Developer Days 2023.

# Install Topwire within your TYPO3 project
composer require topwire/topwire:^1.0@dev
page.includeJSLibs.topwire = EXT:topwire/Resources/Public/JavaScript/topwire.js
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.type = module
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.async = 1
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.defer = 1
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.disableCompression = 1
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.excludeFromConcatenation = 1

Check it out


Wrap sections of your plugin with a Turbo frame

Within a Fluid template of you plugin, you can wrap any HTML code with a <turbo‑frame> tag, using the builtin view helper.

This will capture any link within this frame, prevent a full page navigation by the browser and fetches the contents of the URL via a fetch request.

If you open the network Panel of your browser and press the buttons of the counter example, you'll see that a full HTML document from TYPO3 is fetched via XHR. Nevertheless, only the HTML of the counter frame will be updated.

But why should we render a full HTML page (including menus, header, footer...), when we only need a portion of the page?
Go to the next page of this tutorial to learn how to optimize this.

Source (Fluid)

<topwire:turbo.frame id="frame_only">
    <f:render partial="Counter/Plain" arguments="{_all}"/>