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Reduced complexity

Render HTML with TYPO3 on the server and let Topwire improve interactions of links and form submits on the client.

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Progressively enhanced

Similar to Topwire using JavaScript to progressively enhance user experience, you can apply Topwire frames to elements on your website one by one.

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Batteries included

Topwire not only ships with Hotwire Turbo, but adds API and helpers, to solve common use cases quickly and elegantly.

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Best Talk Award, TYPO3 Developer Days 2023

At TYPO3 Developer Days 2023 I presented Topwire to a broader audience, which voted the presentation to be the “Best Talk” of the conference.

In this talk I give a short introduction what Topwire is all about and showcase a few examples what you can do with it. You can jump straight into the demo section of the talk if you want to skip the introduction.

If you like, you can also have a look the slides.

Fork it on Github

Feel free to review and test Topwire for your projects. Don't forget to provide feedback in the issue tracker and give it a star if you like it.

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No JavaScript frameworks required

While reactive JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue or Angular are powerful, implementing them on top of a server application like TYPO3, can quickly become a complex task.

Server side APIs need to be desinged and created on the TYPO3, which is then consumed client side. Implementing changes or new features will then require the server and client to be kept in sync.

When using Topwire, all your logic lives on the server, including the declaration, which parts of the site should be progressively enhanced with Topwire. All you need to do, is adding some additional HTML tags to your Fluid templates.

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Progressive enhancement reduces “time to market”

Topwire progressively enhances user experience by leveraging JavaScript. All it requires are small adaptions in the template of the element that shall be enhanced. These improvements can be added step by step, plugin by plugin.

No matter if it‘s an existing or a new project, such enhancements can be done in small chunks, which are easy to plan and execute. This keeps the risks low and speeds up “the time to market”.

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Batteries included

The Hotwire Turbo concept and library is great, but Topwire does not stop there.

It is designed to be a tool box to help solve a lot of very common real world tasks that you face as TYPO3 developer or integrator.

It provides straightforward APIs for templates (view helpers), TypoScript and Extbase and combines multiple libraries and techniques to keep the effort for developers and integrators as low as possible, yet provides powerful solutions and user experiences.

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