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To follow the Quickstart Tutorial you need to set up the extension first.

To get an impression of how it works, you can watch the presentation from TYPO3 Developer Days 2023.

# Install Topwire within your TYPO3 project
composer require topwire/topwire:^1.0@dev
page.includeJSLibs.topwire = EXT:topwire/Resources/Public/JavaScript/topwire.js
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.type = module
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.async = 1
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.defer = 1
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.disableCompression = 1
page.includeJSLibs.topwire.excludeFromConcatenation = 1

Check it out

Topwire Quickstart Guide

Get an overview of Topwire's features, by following this quickstart guide.

Learn how to avoid full page loads for your plugin links, render any plugin without any additional TypoScript or load uncached content asynchronously, while being able to deliver a fully cached page.

This guide is also powered by Topwire.